Thomas Heberer

Pina Bausch: Pina Bausch - a Film by Anne Linsel (WDR/Arte)
Pina Bausch: Pina - a Film by Wim Wenders (Neue Road Movies)
Han Bennink: Hazentijd - a Film by Jellie Dekker (Data Images/ICP)
Eugene Chadbourne: The Jack & Jim Show - a Film by Robert O'Haire (Modern Alchemy)
Instant Composers Pool: ICP Orchestra - a Film by Guy Girard (La Huit)
Instant Composers Pool: Steigerpijp - a Film by B. Hin and M. van der Veen (Sushi Film)
Misha Mengelberg: Afijn - a Film by Jellie Dekker (Data Images/ICP)
Misha Mengelberg: Misha enzovoort - a Film by Cherry Duyns (ICP)
Aki Takase: Plays Fats Waller - a Film by Stephane Jourdain (La Huit)